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This software has been developed by Future Forests Research for sensitivity analysis of growth modelling and testing management regimes, to derive future production and income in P. radiata; also available for other species listed.

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Inventory - other sources of information


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How Much Wood Has Your Woodlot Got? 

J Piers Maclaren 

Practical guide to woodlot inventory, aimed at farm foresters. Somewhat dated (eg excludes use of electronic technology such as GPS and Vertex). 

Scion (formerly NZ Forest Research Institute) 



J.P Maclaren (2000)

Inventory Practice for Managed Forests 

CJ Goulding and ME Lawrence 

Handbook aimed at professional foresters. Could still be of value to farm foresters keen on accurate forest inventory. Somewhat dated (eg excludes use of electronic technology such as GPS and Vertex). 



Goulding and Lawrence (1992)


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