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Health and Safety

Small Scale Forestry Safety Guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared with Forest Grower's Levy funding and are available here >>



  • Safetree™ is your one-stop resource to find the safety information you need to do your jobs safely and without injury.
  • Safetree™ provides resources to you at all levels of the industry to remind you how to do your jobs safely.
  • Safetree™ targets information at forest owners and managers, contractors, foremen, head breaker outs, breaker outs, tree fallers, hauler and machine operators, and silviculture workers.

Safetree website »

Safetree resources

Farm Foresters' Contractor Checklist »

Forestry risks

How to manage forestry risks »

Poster - Working alone »

Poster - Fatigue »

Health and Safety at Work Act

How to manage health and safety under HSWA »

Booklet – HSWA and work-related health »

How to manage visitor safety at the workplace »

Video – Help to Manage Visitor Safety »


Worksafe New Zealand

These guidelines provide owners of small forests with practical advice on managing a harvest safely and healthily.

WorkSafe New Zealand has a forestry safety assessment programme called Safer Forest Harvesting.

Introduction to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
March 2016

A Different Kettle of Fish: Small and medium scale forests
November 2016
This report discusses the specific issues faced in small-scale forestry and the differences between harvesting woodlots and farm forests, and large, industrial forests.

A principal's guide to contracting to meet the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
This guide sets out a broad process for building health and safety into contract management, which can then
be adapted to specific contractual situations or industries.

Approved Code of Practice (ACOP)

Safety and Health in Forest Operations: Roles and Responsibilities of Principals and Contractors
November 2014 (pdf). Note: This ACOP is to be fully revised during 2015



Infozone: Business Essentials explains the basics of employment relations and health & safety requirements
for running a business. It provides templates, examples and links to practical tools and more detailed information.

Accident Compensation Corporation

1. ACC Forest Safety Guidance leaflets

Leaflet 1: Strains and sprains on skid sites

Leaflet 2: Health and well-being

Leaflet 3: Avoiding injuries when pruning and thinning -to-waste

Leaflet 4: Avoiding injuries when planting and releasing

Leaflet 5: Avoiding felling injuries

Leaflet 6: Safer machine operating

Leaflet 9: Felling and breaking out skills quiz

Leaflet 10: Quiz answers

Leaflet 11: Avoiding injuries on the skidsite

Leaflet 12: Forest machinery maintenance

2. ACC forestry safety

On the ACC forestry page:

The following small business resources provide tips and information specific to safety in the forestry industry:

WorkSafe programme
Use ACC’s key work safety programmes to establish health and safety systems and help keep your business injury-free. For further information see:


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