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  • Post-harvest planting
    Geoff Brann, November 2013
    When it comes to replanting after a forest harvesting, I can comment on our experience in the Bay of Plenty. Other areas will have different weeds and problems to deal…
  • Optimising chemical use in radiata nurseries
    Simeon Smaill and Katrin Walbert, November 2012
    The establishment and growth of new radiata pine stands is strongly influenced by the quality of the seedling stock. Research by Mike Menzies and others of Scion relating seedling physiology…
  • Nursery specifications for natives
    Miles Giller, May 2009
    Many landowners wish to promote the regeneration of native plants, for a whole variety of reasons. In an ideal world such regeneration would take place by natural processes. However there…
  • Initial spacing in radiata pine
    Wink Sutton, May 2007
    Recent silvicultural improvements, such as seed source – almost all seed now comes from seed orchards – nursery practice, tree handling, planting methods, weed control and the adoption of regimes…
  • Toppling – further advice and insights
    Author not published, November 2006
    Toppling of young trees is a perpetual problem on some properties, and has been discussed many times in Tree Grower and out at field days. The following contributions, from some…
  • Mighty mycorrhizae
    Murray Davis & Nick Ledgard, August 2005
    Mycorrhizae are fungi that grow in association with plant roots and assist greatly in the absorption of moisture and nutrients. In effect, they vastly increase the root surface area of…
  • Perfect partners - mycorrhizae and forestry
    Katrin Walbert, August 2005
    Forest establishment is a critical phase of the forestry cycle, and success at this stage sets the scene for the whole of the rotation. The survival and growth of nursery…


Forest practice guides

The Forest Practice Guides (2018) are to assist forest owners/managers and contractors to meet legislative requirements of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and in particular the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF). They do not replace or override any statutory requirement. For various forestry operations, the guides provide options and information on a range of practices and methods to manage effects of the operations on the environment.
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