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  • Forest residues for bioenergy
    Peter Hall, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2007. After forest harvesting there is inevitably material left behind that is not suitable for selling as logs. Rather than leave this to rot,…
  • Short rotation coppice willow as low carbon bioenergy farming
    Ian McIvor, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2007. Bioenergy is not new.Before the invention of the steam engine and internal combustion engine society was dependent on horsepower of a different kind…
  • Biofuel from biomass – a future opportunity?
    Rick Swan, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2006. Apart from a brief respite in the price of oil in recent months, the price has generally been escalating. There is reason to…



  • Biomass as energy: Rik Deaton's Blog, September 05, 2016
    I have a strong interest in the biomass-as-energy-source sector of renewable energy generation and I see it as inevitable that this country’s incomprehensible barriers to uptake will shortly be torn…
  • New strategies for expansion of the bioenergy and biofuels market: Brian Cox's Blog, August 17, 2016
    Recent work to identify the amount of greenhouse gas emission reductions that the bioenergy sector could contribute to achievement of the Paris climate change emission reduction targets has shown that…


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  • Govt now needs to focus on its Energy Efficiency Strategy June 2017
    The Bioenergy Association says it’s pleased the Government’s refresh of the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (NZEECS) focuses on the heat and transport opportunities available across New Zealand…


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