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Tools for pruning radiata pine

Pruning young poplars

Stringybark eucalypt silviculture

Coast redwood silviculture in New Zealand

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Tree shelters – how good are they?

Crown lightening to reduce the risk of tree topple


Intermediate pruning the easy way

Pruning and pruned stand certification

Form pruning deciduous hardwoods


Thoughts on silviculture: John Purey-Cust Ponders, June 12, 2014
My last effort was on the vexed question of whether or not to prune and thin radiata pine. There I think I concluded helpfully that in the end its over…

The everlasting argument: John Purey-Cust Ponders, March 06, 2014
The everlasting argument, whether to prune or not to prune , depends on you. No one who gives you advice knows any better than you, whatever their experience. They can…


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