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Trees for Riparian Plantings

Trees beside water courses provide shade and thus improve water quality and biodiversity. Fencing off streams and planting trees provides a natural filter that reduces siltatation and nutrient runoff into water courses. This means environmental benefits, aesthetic value and also provides satisfaction to the landowner.

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Other sources of information

  • Water quality (Scion publication, August 2017)
    There are some 1.7 million hectares of planted forests in New Zealand, 90% of which are in radiata pine. These forests contain an estimated 24,220 km of streams that, for most of the forest growing cycle, provide a source of high quality water to downstream users. There is increasing pressure on our water resources. However, with prudent stewardship and ongoing improvements to management practices, New Zealand’s forests will continue to provide sustainable sources of high quality water.
  • Mind the Stream: A guide to looking after urban and rural streams in the Wellington Region 
    Greater Wellington Regional Council. (2004). Practical handbook including some good examples of streamside planting schemes. 
  • Best Practices for Riparian Management
    Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Land Management series.
    Two-page leaflet with introductory guidelines on managing riparian land.
  • Riparian zone/waterway management 
    Dairy NZ. Comprehensive resources from Dairy NZ. Developed for dairy farmers but also relevant to others. Includes a riparian planner tool with suggestions for planting riparian strips.
  • NZ Guidelines for Constructed Wetland Treatment of Tile Drainage
    Tanner, C. C., Sukias, J. P. S., & Yates, C. R. (2010) New Zealand Guidelines: Constructed Wetland Treatment of Tile Drainage NIWA Information Series No. 75 (pp. 54). Wellington: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.
    Practical guidelines on the construction of wetlands on tile-drained areas to help control effluent run-off and create wildlife habitats on farms. Includes tree selection and management advice. 


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