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Trees for Fodder

Trees can produce high quality fodder, especially useful in drought conditions and times of feed shortage.

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Tree Grower articles

  • Cost-benefit analysis of tree fodder
    John Stantiall, New Zealand Tree Grower February 2008. Analysing the financial benefits of using poplars and willows as fodder trees is a challenging exercise, due to the range of possible scenarios…
  • Where is poplar and willow research going?
    Ian McIvor, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2007. New Zealand has developed unique and innovative systems for using poplars in soil conservation on slopes which continue to impress overseas visitors. The…
  • Managing poplars and willows on farms
    Deric Charlton, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2006. There is a huge asset growing on our farms and in recent years it has been neglected. I am referring to the widespread…
  • Pruning young poplars
    Sarah Hurst, Ian McIvor, Carlo van den Dijssel, Steve Green, Lindsay Fung, Grant Douglas and Lex Foote, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2006. Since the 1950s over six million poplars have…
  • Work on poplars and willows
    New Zealand Tree Grower May 2006. In the past four years there has been a concerted effort to compile information on growing poplars and willows on farms, based largely on…
  • Poplar fodder trial
    John and Heather Prebble have been farming for 20 years at Mt Blue. This is 630 hectares of mainly sheep and beef 10 km inland from Palmerston, or approximately 15…


Information leaflets

  • No. 22 Poplars and willows for drought fodder
    NZFFA Information leaflet No. 22 (2005). In this page: Poplars Willows Poplars After the 1988-89 drought I decided to plant an area in poplars with the specific intention of using…



  • Trees on Farms SFF project winds up January 2015
    The Trees on Farms Workshops Project, a major MPI Sustainable Farming Fund project which was managed by the NZ Farm Forestry Association, is complete. The highly successful project included the…
  • Trees on Farms: Making better use of information resources September 2013
    The project aims to provide farmers and land managers with better access to existing good quality information about establishing and managing trees. The project involved three interrelated phases: surveying farmers,…
  • Free database will open access to best tree information October 2012
    Landowners looking for information about any aspect of planting and managing trees in the working landscape will soon be able to access a new online – and free – database.…
  • Trees on Farms: Exploring Hill Country Options April 2012
    Following successful workshops in Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay, the next Trees on Farms workshop will be held on the King Country property of Barrie and Jude Tatham, and will explore…
    A Fresh Look at Poplars and Willows Poplars and willows - they’re the arboreal workhorse of our rural landscape, holding hillsides and river banks together, providing shade, shelter, timber and…
  • Workshops promote diverse benefits of trees on farms September 2011
    A new three year programme of regionally-based workshops launching this November will help pastoral farmers and their advisors identify the economic and environmental benefits of planting trees on their properties…


Other sources of information

  • Sustainable Farming Fund Tree Fodder Project Page
    Sustainable Farming Fund Grant No. 01/208  
  • Fodder Tree Project - New Zealand Poplar and Willow Research Trust
    Findings from the project will assist farmers to sustainably use tree fodder to supplement pasture of low ...
  • Using Trees on Farms
    NZ Grassland Association & NZ Farm Forestry Association. (Workshop proceedings, Palmerston North, 2003, edited by JFL Charlton) 
    Handbook with a series of workshop papers focusing mainly on farmers’ experiences with fodder crops but includes papers on shelter, and alternative species. Available free from NZFFA.
  • Using Trees on Farms
    Farmer experience with tree fodder
  • Fodder willows for Hawke’s Bay 
    Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Land Management series
    Introductory information on choice of willow species and fodder systems for east-country farms.


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