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  • Why identify forest owners?
    April 2013
    Presentation to the NZFFA conference 2013 Why identify forest owners? (PDF 410kb) by Hamish Levack and Howard Moore NZFFA AGM April 2013 at Orewa, New Zealand
  • Seminar on forestry organizational reform, 30 September 2011
    September 2011
    More than half a million hectares, which was afforested in New Zealand during the planting boom of the 1990s, and owned by 15,000 small scale forest proprietors, will be ready…

Tree Grower articles

  • It is chaos out there
    Howard Moore, February 2014
    In 1975 Wink Sutton published his doctoral thesis on global wood supply, which helped confirm him as one of the most far-sighted researchers in New Zealand forestry. I do not…
  • Making a stand by refusing to plant?
    Hamish Levack, August 2013
    The Wellington-based team addressing the need to convert the upcoming wall of wood into a reliable non-declining timber yield, published an article about its work in the November 2012 Tree…
  • Collective marketing of Tasmanian blackwood?
    Wink Sutton, August 2013
    This year’s Farm Forestry AGM was held in the Lower North region. On one of the field day’s we visited Audrey Hay’s farm. While admiring a maturing stand of Tasmanian…
  • The projected peak in the wood supply - A need for action
    Wink Sutton, February 2013
    The rate of new plantation establishment was low in the late 1980s but became exceptionally high in the early to mid 1990s. In the late 1990s and in the first…
  • Working group for a reliable non-declining timber yield
    Howard Moore and Hamish Levack, November 2012
    The authors are members of a working group recently set up by the NZFFA to see what might be done to achieve a reliable, non-declining log supply from New Zealand’s…
  • The spike in harvest by woodlot owners - Coming sooner than you think
    Chris Goulding and Hamish Levack, November 2012
    Most farm foresters and the non-corporate small-scale forest owners are now aware that there will soon be a rapid rise in the number of forest stands available for harvest at…
  • What happened at the seminar on forestry organisational reform
    Howard Moore, November 2011
    A one-day forestry seminar was held in Wellington on 30 September to exchange ideas with a delegation of French forest owners, forest managers and scientists, along with the Spanish President…
  • Time to worry about the looming wall of wood
    Hamish Levack, November 2011
    New Zealand’s current roundwood harvest is about 21 million cubic metres a year. Based on owners harvesting their pine trees at 28 years, the rotation of maximum theoretical profitability, this…
  • What is the NZFFA’s role in facilitating well designed forestry cooperatives?
    Hamish Levack and Howard Moore, May 2010
    In general woodlot owners do not access the best advice, do not manage their woodlots well, and do not receive optimal income when their trees are harvested − unless they…



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