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About Farm Forestry Timbers society

Farm Forestry Timbers Society is a not-for-profit incorporated society and industry body for promoting and distributing locally grown specialty timbers in New Zealand. Specialty end uses require sustainability, natural durability or decorative appearance. We are a branch of the NZ Farm Forestry Association.

Farm Forestry Timbers (FFT) is an online community linking all aspects of the value chain: Buy timber, sell timber, provide a service, seek a service....all needs and requirements are catered for to ensure our locally grown specialty timbers provide premium products and uses they were grown for, sustainably into the future.


Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this site, Farm Forestry Timbers Society do not accept liability for any consequences arising from reliance on the information published. If readers have any doubts about acting on any articles they should seek confirming, professional advice.

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