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  • Broom and gorse - are we as awake as we should be?
    This article is a departure from the normal tree topics, but it involves a couple of woody plants with which most of us are equally familiar - namely broom Cytisus…
  • Mt Barker wilding Corsican pines
    John Purey-Cust, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2008. Nick Ledgard and Gordon Baker’s wilding pine management joint venture on land owned by Canterbury University Wilding pines covering the hillside All from…
  • Weeds in indigenous forests
    Melissa Brignall-Theyer, Sarah Richardson and Susan Wiser, New Zealand Tree Grower May 2008. The most challenging weeds for managed indigenous forests are those that can disperse into harvested areas, prevent regeneration…



  • What's wrong with wilding trees? Nick Ledgard's Blog, July 07, 2016
    Having been a high country forester all my working life and spent much of the later years dealing with wildings, I have long pondered on the pro's and con's of…




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