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Relevant to any farmers/lifestylers/landowners interested in trees. Emphasis on trees for multiple benefits, and alternative species to radiata pine. Regional branches throughout NZ hold field days, workshops, etc. On-line timber market place.
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NZFFA Special Interest Groups Best sources of information and expertise on growing alternative species (blackwoods, cypresses, eucalypts, redwoods, native species). Also active in research.
New Zealand Forest Owners Association
Representing the owners of 1.7M ha of pine production forests.
The QEII National Trust
Works with a wide range of people and organisations throughout NZ,
from landowners through to representatives of local and central government
"to encourage and promote the provision, protection and enhancement of open space for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of New Zealand".
Te Uru Rakau - Forestry New Zealand
The official website for the Ministry responsible for the forest industry in New Zealand. Includes Forest Management, Statistics, Biosecurity, East Coast Forestry Project and Sustainable Farming Fund.
Institute of Forestry
The NZ Institute of Forestry is the professional association of qualified foresters and forestry consultants in NZ. It administers a registration system and ongoing training for its members.
The New Zealand School of Forestry
University of Canterbury. The only university department in New Zealand offering professional forestry degrees.
Woodco - Wood Council of New Zealand Inc.
Pan-industry body representing interests of NZ growers and processors.
Forest Owners Association Research website
Information on research topics and outputs from NZ’s forest industry/research partnership.
Forest Growers Research
Research programmes and committees
NZ Wood
A campaign funded by the forestry industry and the government to provide the knowledge and resources to promote the use of NZ wood and achieve beneficial environmental outcomes including fighting climate change.
Tane's Tree Trust
To see the majority of New Zealand landowners successfully planting and sustainably managing indigenous trees for multiple uses by 2020.
Scion is the trading name of the New Zealand Forest Research Institute, and represents the institute's legacy of expertise in forestry and biomaterials science. Scion offers wide ranging technical and scientific capability for producing materials or creating products using renewable plant resources.
Tree Crops New Zealand Tree Crops Association
The New Zealand Tree Crops Association grew out of a philosophy of seeking and sharing information about the many and varied types of trees we might grow in New Zealand to produce a useful crops for humans and/or animals.
Southland Community Nursery The Southland Community Nursery is available for local people and groups to grow locally sourced native plants best suited for Southland conditions. The nursery supplies a range of native seedlings, potting mix, pots, seed mix and facilities, you supply the labour.
South Otago farm forestry discussion groups At least 3 farm forestry groups operate in South Otago. They have about 10 members and employ facilitator/consultant and visit each member’s property every 2nd year and discuss plantings. Can be very good forum for sharing knowledge and solutions, and nurturing enthusiasm for trees. Contact NZFFA South Otago branch for more details

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