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  • No. 26 Growing Paulownia
    NZFFA Information leaflet No. 26 (2005). Based on a Waikato Farm Forestry Association April 2010 fielday and Forest Research Institute Bulletin No. 231, Paulownia Handbook (2007). This leaflet Summarises 15 years…

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Paulownia Handbook

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species
Forest Research Bulletin No. 231, 2007 [pdf] »
Barton, Nicholas, Eckroyd
Chapter 1: History and World Distribution
Chapter 2: Paulownia in China
Chapter 3: Recognition
Chapter 4: Genetic Improvement and Species Comparisons
Chapter 5: Climate and Site
Chapter 6: Nursery Practice and Propagation Techniques
Chapter 7: Establishment
Chapter 8: Pests and Diseases
Chapter 9: Silviculture
Chapter 10: Growth and Yield
Chapter 11: land Use with Paulownia
Chapter 12: Timber Utilisation and Marketing
Chapter 13: Future Role

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  • Whatever happened to Paulownia?
    Back in the 1990s, Paulownia was hot. A quick growing hardwood tree that originates in China, Paulownia timber has been highly valued in China and Japan for centuries and trees…


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