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Conference 2019

Small Forest Grower Conference and Expo – “Fast Forward”

16-20 MAY 2019 ROTORUA

This Conference and Expo will bring together: technical and economic information, land owners and investors, service providers, new technology and policies, new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Organised by the BOP Branch of the NZ Farm Forestry Association, this is an Annual Conference at a water-shed moment in forestry. Recent changes that signal this are:

  1. The One Billion Tree policy
  2. National Policy Statement on water quality
  3. New policy on the ETS and the NES_FP
  4. The vote for continuance of the Forest Grower Levy

The recent government policy on afforestation and the environment, plus new attitudes toward land use, mean we are at the dawn of a new age of understanding how the land sustains us and the role of forestry in the new land scape. This meeting answers: What role does small scale forestry have in our future wealth creation, what needs to change, and what opportunity does it offer you?

Small and medium scale forestry (< 1000 ha) currently has 14,000 owners. This event aims to engage this group, understand their needs, and make plans to ensure they have a good experience with their forest investment. It will also aim to engage Maori and young people, plus the future forestry investors and potential new members of this community.

The continuance of the forest growers levy will be voted on in March 2019. What are the issues; what will small scale forest growers want addressed in the future and how will they get better representation?

The event will be run over five days, with a two-day programme in conference plus an Exhibition hall providing links to information and businesses. The NZ FFA Action Groups, National Council, and AGM meetings will be run on the first day. A field day after the formal sessions is planned that will blow-your-socks-off, focussing on the issues discussed in conference. Plus, a post conference tour will be organised for those who want to see the extensive and diverse resources of the Central North Island forestry sector.

You may want to book early for this one, we plan to make it a major milestone in the development of the small-scale forestry sector.

Programme – Distinction Hotel Rotorua

Thursday, May 16th: 10.00AM Action Groups, 1.00 PM National Council, 3.30 PM AGM, 5.30 PM Drinks, 7.00 PM Welcome Dinner

Friday May 17th: Conference & Expo, Awards Drinks, Awards Dinner

Saturday May 18th: Conference & Expo, free night

Sunday May 19th: Conference issues Field Trip

Monday May 20th: Post Conference Tour




Funding 20 Conference admission fees for the full programme of the FFA Annual Conference and provide 10 accommodation vouchers. 

This is to encourage young people to become aware of the Farm Forestry activities and potentially become future members and leaders.  We will select leading forestry trainees and students nationwide and offer them the chance to participate in this watershed conference and become inspired to become part of this important sustainable sector.

We hope to ask these young folks to collaborate on a joint presentation and to participate in a panel discussion so that we can hear what future members want and would be interested in.

Application for funding has been made the Neil Barr Forestry Foundation. It has been suggested by the Foundation that each Branch select candidates and pay for half their costs.

Conference fees are $400 approx and accommodation is a further $500. i.e $450 cost to each participating Branch

Graham West 
Organising Chairman

For further information please contact Ph: 0274 410353


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