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Now that the old-growth redwood forests of western USA are no longer available as a source of this prized timber, attention is focussing on the very promising potential for sustainably plantation-grown redwood (Sequoia) in New Zealand.

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Redwood Handbook

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species
Ian Nicholas
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Timber properties and market
Chapter 3: Site selection
Chapter 4: health
Chapter 5: Seed source and breeding
Chapter 6: Establishment
Chapter 7: Pruning and thinning
Chapter 8: Growth model and regime example
Chapter 9: Economic analysis
Chapter 10: Utilisation
Chapter 11, 12, 13: Summary, references and web links, glossary


Redwood information leaflets

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Treegrower articles

  • Some results from the Mangatu redwood sawing study
    Paul Silcock New Zealand Tree Grower February 2009 In April last year a sawing study was carried out on a stand of coastal redwood in Mangatu forest. Details of the…
  • Performance of coast redwood in New Zealand
    Rob Webster New Zealand Tree Grower May 2008 A new interim growth model that predicts basal area and mean top height has been developed for coast redwood plantations in New…
  • Some 2007 thoughts on redwoods in New Zealand
    Bill Libby New Zealand Tree Grower August 2007 My wife Iris and I recently led a tour of American friends from Auckland to Milford Sound. Then I was hosted by…
  • The potential for coast redwood in New Zealand
    New Zealand Tree Grower May 2007 Rob Webster Coast redwood is a native of northern California and a very small area of southern Oregon. It has been planted in localised…
  • Rotorua redwoods
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Ian Nicholas  Whakarewarewa Forest was first planted in 1899, when there were 170 tree species planted as one of the first large experimental forests…
  • Stand density index – a useful tool for New Zealand redwood plantings
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Measuring growing space occupancy in redwoods is not new. In 1933, a researcher named Reineke reported data for even-aged stands in California, presenting a…
  • Redwoods – an overview
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Ian Brown Anyone who has spent time in the Long Mile Redwood Grove at Rotorua, or among the great cathedrals of redwood trees in…
  • Coast redwood silviculture in New Zealand
    A 35-year-old pruned stand of redwood growing on the East Coast New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Mark Dean Californian coastal redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, has proved to grow well in…
  • Redwood in California: An overview of silvicultural systems
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 John-Pascal Berrill and Kevin L O’Hara Redwood logs stockpiled for winter when harvesting is prohibited Coast redwood is among the most unique of the…
  • Redwood research: The way ahead
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Ian Nicholas, Paul Silcock and Luigi Gea The recent resurgence of interest in redwoods largely stem from the opportunity to market New Zealand in…
  • Redwood markets in California
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Janet Webb The market for redwood timber has continued to change over the last several years as available supply and consumer demand shift.  With…
  • The New Zealand Redwood Company
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Jim Rydelius With as much enthusiasm as ever, The New Zealand Redwood Company is continuing to establish redwood forests on its properties, with the…
  • The first introductions of American redwoods to New Zealand
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Lindsay Poole The mainstream of settlers to New Zealand following Maori were so numerous that extensive inroads were soon made into the fine native…
  • Harvesting and marketing some pruned redwood giants
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Jeff Tombleson Felling a 96-year-old pruned redwood tree which required a push from the beak of the loader. The bigger stems had large end…
  • A love-hate relationship with redwood
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Wade Cornell I have a love-hate relationship with redwood in New Zealand. The meteoric rise of redwood in the past few years is unparalleled…
  • An update from California on coast redwood
    New Zealand Tree Grower February 2007 Bill Libby To quote one of our redwood foresters ‘Redwood remains the most valuable species in California. Redwood has unlimited markets for products. Once…


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Other sources of information

The New Zealand Redwood Growers Handbook 
Cornell, W. H. ( 2002). Henderson, NZ: Diversified Forests Ltd. 
Comprehensive guide; fore-runner to the ‘best practice’ redwoods e-handbook above. 


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