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Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation

Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation (AMIGO) Brings together members interested in growing Tasmanian Blackwood - professional forest researchers, timber marketers and commercial users in an information sharing network aimed at creating a sustainable NZ resource of plantation grown quality hardwood.

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  • Growing Blackwoods - Video
    The video features the late Ian Nicholas discussing a series of 25-year-old blackwood regime trials, where different pruning, thinning, and final crop stocking regimes have been tested. The trials have…
  • No. 20 Australian blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon)
    NZFFA Information leaflet No. 20 (2005). From the first days of European colonisation the Australian blackwood has had a place among the world’s great decorative timbers. It’s natural range in Australia…

Blackwood Handbook

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species
No. 4: Blackwood Handbook: Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species (Second edition, 2008)
Ian Nicholas
Introduction and Chapter 1: Species recognition, history and habitat
Chapter 2: Timber properties, market and resource
Chapter 3: Site requirements and land use
Chapter 4: Agroforestry
Chapter 5: Seed, genetics and clonal propogation
Chapter 6: Seedling production, establishment and nutrition
Chapter 7: Health
Chapter 8: Management options
Chapter 9: Growth, habitat and malformation
Chapter 10: Pruning and thinning
Chapter 11: Growth model, yields, suggested regime
Chapter 12: Economic analyses
Chapter 13: Utilisation
Chapter 14: Case studies
Chapter 15: Summary
Chapter 16: References, other information sources and glossary of terms 


Tree Grower articles

  • Collective blackwood marketing
    Malcolm Mackenzie, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2013. I am keen to respond to the excellent ‘From the Patron’ in the August Tree Grower and hopefully stimulate a wide-ranging discussion…
  • Blackwood Milling
    Malcolm Mackenzie, New Zealand Tree Grower November 2013. I attempted to be a little more scientific when we did our third small milling of Tasmanian blackwood timber this year. I…
  • Blackwoods and the nurse
    Ian Brown, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2006. Trees as people One of the risks in growing trees is a tendency to attribute human characteristics to them. This is the case…
  • Blackwood – the Westland experience
    Ross Jackson, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2006, Plantings of blackwood have been made in Westland since the mid 1960s. Initially they were undertaken as trial, enrichment or amenity plantings, much…
  • Blackwood – An overview
    Ian Brown, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2006. I think it is fair to say that blackwood, Acacia melanoxylon, has had a mixed press among tree growers. Since it was promoted…
  • Milling and grading New Zealand grown blackwood
    Mike Esson, New Zealand Tree Grower August 2006. Blackwood is a much sought after timber, especially by cabinet makers because of it rich dark colour and fine finish. Blackwood is a…
  • Furniture from blackwood
    New Zealand Tree Grower August 2006. Customers visiting the Everwood Furniture showroom in Mount Maunganui love furniture made from blackwood timber according to Graeme Benjamin. Graeme and his wife Betty…
  • Where blackwoods go wrong
    The photograph at the bottom of the page is of a blackwood which we planted in 1980 in the Far North. At 24 years, its diameter is over 50 cm,…



  • Report: Trees for steep slopes - Blackwood
    Dean Satchell, July 2018. In this page: Establishment, siting and management Weed potential Timber The extensive root system offered by blackwood deserves more attention in stabilising erodible hillsides (Brown, 2006a). Blackwood coppices and suckers…


Trees on Farms videos (featuring blackwood)



  • Notes on West coast blackwoods: Ian Brown's Blog, March 26, 2017
    On an evening in Southern Chile a few years back I was sitting at a long table in a German brewery with a group of New Zealand friends. We were…
  • Acacias in Chile: Ian Brown's Blog, September 26, 2015
    In 2012 a small group of us spent a week in Chile at the invitation of INFOR ( Institutio Forestal), the Chilean forest research institute. We were hosted by Juan-Carlos…
  • Shade Avoidance and Phase Change in Blackwoods: Ian Brown's Blog, March 12, 2014
    When blackwoods grow in natural forests, their form is enhanced by competition for light, but at the cost of slow growth compared to open grown trees. Companion planting is often…



  • Workshops promote diverse benefits of trees on farms September 2011
    A new three year programme of regionally-based workshops launching this November will help pastoral farmers and their advisors identify the economic and environmental benefits of planting trees on their properties…


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