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Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation

Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation (AMIGO) Brings together members interested in growing Tasmanian Blackwood - professional forest researchers, timber marketers and commercial users in an information sharing network aimed at creating a sustainable NZ resource of plantation grown quality hardwood.

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Blackwood Handbook and Information Leaflets

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species
No. 4: Blackwood Handbook: Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species (Second edition, 2008)
Ian Nicholas
Introduction and Chapter 1: Species recognition, history and habitat
Chapter 2: Timber properties, market and resource
Chapter 3: Site requirements and land use
Chapter 4: Agroforestry
Chapter 5: Seed, genetics and clonal propogation
Chapter 6: Seedling production, establishment and nutrition
Chapter 7: Health
Chapter 8: Management options
Chapter 9: Growth, habitat and malformation
Chapter 10: Pruning and thinning
Chapter 11: Growth model, yields, suggested regime
Chapter 12: Economic analyses
Chapter 13: Utilisation
Chapter 14: Case studies
Chapter 15: Summary
Chapter 16: References, other information sources and glossary of terms 



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Shade Avoidance and Phase Change in Blackwoods: Ian Brown's Blog, March 12, 2014
When blackwoods grow in natural forests, their form is enhanced by competition for light, but at the cost of slow growth compared to open grown trees. Companion planting is often…

Acacias in Chile: Ian Brown's Blog, September 26, 2015
In 2012 a small group of us spent a week in Chile at the invitation of INFOR ( Institutio Forestal), the Chilean forest research institute. We were hosted by Juan-Carlos…

Notes on West coast blackwoods: Ian Brown's Blog, March 26, 2017
On an evening in Southern Chile a few years back I was sitting at a long table in a German brewery with a group of New Zealand friends. We were…


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Blackwood Management: Learning from New Zealand 

A G Brown (ed) (Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation) 

Proceeds from an international conference in Rotorua in 2002 with contributions from Ian Nicholas, Ham Gifford, Greg Steward and Ian Barton. 

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Brown (2004) 



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