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Roads and Harvesting



Timber Harvesting in New Zealand: A guide for Small Scale Forest Landowners
Rien Visser
December 2016

Radiata Harvesting
Nick Kingsford, Northland Forest Managers
September 2014

Codes of Practice

A National Industry Standard for Sustainable Plantation Forest Management
November 2005

The New Zealand forest industry has developed a national industry standard for sustainable plantation forest management which it is expected will facilitate good forest management.


Bare Hill's Hauler logging: John Purey-Cust Ponders, August 13, 2014
A little while ago I went on a field trip to look at a logging operation at Bare Hill, a high and miserable pine plantation on the top of the…

Introduction to Continuous Cover Forestry: Eric Cairn's Blog, April 25, 2016
Introduction The Wellington branch intends to run a series of articles and field days on Continuous Cover Forestry. Government policies, particularly in regard to Permanent Forest Sink Initiatives and in…

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NZ Forest Road Engineering Manual and Operators Manual 

NZ Forest Owners Association 2012 

The 2012 edition contains erosion and sediment control guidance, introduces new materials and methods, and describes best practice construction techniques. Forest owners, engineers and contractors are encouraged to use this manual in conjunction with the FOA Environmental Code of Practice. 

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NZ Forest Owners' Association (2012)


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