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Redwood (Sequoia)

Members of the NZ Farm Forestry Association have been growing redwood for many decades and have valuable experience to share. We recommend you join NZFFA and the Sequoia Action Group, get involved with your local NZFFA branch, and visit some local growers to learn more about growing redwood for timber.

Redwood Handbook

Best Practice with Farm Forestry Timber Species
Ian Nicholas
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Timber properties and market
Chapter 3: Site selection
Chapter 4: health
Chapter 5: Seed source and breeding
Chapter 6: Establishment
Chapter 7: Pruning and thinning
Chapter 8: Growth model and regime example
Chapter 9: Economic analysis
Chapter 10: Utilisation
Chapter 11, 12, 13: Summary, references and web links, glossary


Redwood information leaflets

NZFFA guide sheet No. 2: An Introduction to Growing redwood


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Some 2007 thoughts on redwoods in New Zealand

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Some results from the Mangatu redwood sawing study


Trees on Farms Videos


Other sources of information


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The New Zealand Redwood Growers Handbook 

Wade Cornell 

Comprehensive guide; fore-runner to the ‘best practice’ redwoods e-handbook above. 

Diversified Forests, Henderson, NZ 



Cornell (2002) 



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