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Facts and Figures, NZ Plantation Forest Industry

FOA & MPI, 2014

This brochure, published yearly, contains background information and statistical data on the New Zealand forest industry. It is jointly released by FOA and MPI. FOA  


Facts and Figures 2014 (PDF 3 mb)

A Forestry Sector Study 2009 

MAF Policy 

Full-blown analysis of the NZ forest sector and its place in the national economy. Good source of facts and figures. Originally written in 2007/08 so some parts now out of date. 

MAF Policy (now MPI), Wellington 


NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) (2009)

A Guide to Safety with Chainsaws 

OSH/Dept of Labour 

Practical guide to safe chainsaw use, designed for operators



Department of Labour (2011) 

A selection of alternative timbers 

John Mortimer 

Handbook providing information for growers and sawmillers about timber from a range of NZ alternative plantation species and amenity trees 

Rarefind Timbers, Waikato 



Mortimer (2003) 

Approved Code of Practice for Safety and Health in Forest Operations 

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment 

Full-length (reference) document covering all health and safety requirements for forestry operations. Most relevant to commercial operators. 

Available in hard copy or online at:


Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (2012)

Chainsaw Operator’s Manual: Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance and Cross-cutting Techniques 


Covers basic chainsaw operating techniques including safety, maintenance and cross-cutting, but not tree felling. Detailed diagrams illustrate horizontal, vertical and boring cuts, as well as trimming and cross-cutting techniques. 

Manaaki Whenua Press 



ForestWorks (2009) 

Continuous Cover Forestry: A handbook for the management of New Zealand forests 

Ian Barton 

A thought-provoking look at continuous cover management systems and preferred species. ‘How to’ information and practical examples from NZ and overseas. 

Tane’s Tree Trust 

Free to TTT members, otherwise priced 


Barton (2008) 

Creative Forestry – A Guideline for Forest Managers 

Clive Anstey, Steve Thompson and Karen Nichols 

Understanding how a forest best fits into the rural landscape. 




Anstey, Thompson, and Nichols (1982) 

Environmental Effects of Planted Forests in New Zealand 

J.Piers Maclaren 

Environmental evaluation of the effects of establishing pine plantations on grassland. 



J.P. Maclaren (1996) 

Farm Forestry: The first 50 years 

Joll Hosking 

A history of the NZFFA since its formation in 1950s. Includes information on a range of species, and work done by various farm foresters with these. 

NZ Farm Forestry Association 


Hosking (1999) 

Fire Management Guidelines for Small Forests 

National Rural Fire Authority 

Small handbook with some useful guidelines on fire prevention, preparation for a fire, and managing fire risks 

National Rural Fire Authority or local rural fire authorities 



National Rural Fire Authority (2003) 

Forestry Fact Pack: High Country Forestry 

NZ Ministry of Forestry 

Practical guide for establishing and managing trees on high country properties 

May be difficult to source 


NZ Ministry of Forestry (1994) 

Forest Trees of Australia 

DJ Boland et al 

An essential reference for observing, identifying and obtaining information on the native trees of Australia. 

CSIRO and booksellers 



Boland, Brooker, and Chippendale (1996) 

Guide to Successful Farm Forestry: A Hawke’s Bay Perspective 

NZFFA Hawke’s Bay Branch 2005 

Good coverage of different species; relevant to all eastern regions. Good general information on planting and management. Funding being sought to get it available online. 

NZ Farm Forestry Association 



Thomsen, Stokes, Olsen, and Mackintosh (2005) 

Having a fire? Whangarei, Kaipara, and Northern rural fire authorities Brief guidelines on fire prevention and management


Website only



New Zealand Timbers: The complete guide to exotic and indigenous woods 

NC Clifton 

Comprehensive coverage of all NZ’s main timber species. Includes colour photos of timbers plus information on sawing, drying and utilisation. Some aspects now out of date. 




Clifton (1994) 

NZFFA Information leaflets (Green A5 Handbook) 


Introductory leaflets covering a range of important farm forestry topics (most are reprints of Tree Grower articles). Some now dated but some still very relevant. 

NZ Farm Forestry Association 



NZ Farm Forestry Association (2002) 

NZ Institute of Forestry Handbook 

NZ Institute of Forestry 

Handbook with a range of forest management topics; designed for forest managers and consultants. Some finance/tax information for NZ growers. Some sections out of date. 

Available in hard copy or on CD from the NZ Institute of Forestry


NZ Institute of Forestry (1995)

Silvicultural Systems 

John D Matthews 

Standard text on silivcultural systems from clearcut to selection and including coppice and agroforestry. 



Matthews (1991) 

Small Forest Management Handbook series 

1. Special Purpose Timber Species, 2. Forestry Joint Ventures, 3. The Resource Management Act, 4. Planning a small forest, 5. Establishing a small forest, 6. Managing a small forest for timber, 7. Harvesting a small forest, 8. Marketing a small forest. 

NZ Ministry of Forestry 


Series of advisory handbooks covering many practical aspects of small forest management. Popular at the time of production; a lot of the information still relevant. 

Some now available on-line: 

Establishing a Small Forest (1996)

Harvesting a Small Forest (1996)

Special Purpose Timber Species 1995 -

Others only available in hard copy and may be harder to find. 



(NZ Ministry of Forestry, 1995a, 1995b, 1995c, 1995d, 1995e, 1995f, 1995g, 1995h) 

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Trees: Timbers and Forests of the World 

Herbert Edlin, Maurice Nimmo et al. 

Background to different forests of the world. Pictures and leaf descriptions. Good for tree identification. 



Edlin H and Nimmo M et al (1978) 

The International Book of Trees 

Hugh Johnson 

History, establishment, etc as well as sections on main family groups. 



Johnson (1973) 

The Practice of Silviculture: Applied forest ecology 

David Smith et al 

Classic American forestry textbook for those interested in applying ecological principles to managing trees 



Smith, Larson, Kelty, Mark, and Ashton (1997 ) 

Trees and Shrubs of NZ 

AL Poole and NM Adams 

Very good quality information (botanical guide). Black and white line drawings and some colour plates. 




Poole and Adams (1980) 

Trees for the New Zealand Countryside: A Planter’s Guide 

John and Bunny Mortimer 

Excellent guide to tree planting and species choice on farms. 




Mortimer and Mortimer (1984) 

Reed Field Guide to Exotic Trees in New Zealand: Broadleaves and Conifers 

Pam Salmon 

Full-colour field handbook, excellent for tree identification. 



P. N. Salmon (2003) 

The World of Trees 

Hugh Johnson 

A full-colour, hardback guide to more than six hundred of the world's major forest and garden trees. Includes the structure and life cycle of trees, how trees are named, trees and the weather, the use of trees in gardens and landscape design, and tree planting and care. 



Johnson (2010) 

Trees on Farms: A guide with local experience of growing trees in the Waikato region 

Environment Waikato 

Handbook with general farm-based tree planting and management information plus case studies from different types of Waikato farms. 

Try Waikato Regional Council or the Waikato Branch of the NZFFA. 



Environment Waikato (2002) 

Trees on Farms: Report for the NZ Farm Environment Award Trust and MAF Study Scholarship 

John Mackintosh 

An overview of opportunities for trees on farms in NZ written by a Bay of Plenty farm forester and farm environmental award winner. 

Available on the Ballance Farm Environmental Awards website 

Free, (unpub-


Mackintosh (2010) 

Trees, farms and the NZ landscape 

George Stockley 

A good general publication. Covers all aspects of tree growing and establishment and is well organised in chapters and appendices. Somewhat dated. 

Available from NZFFA Southland Branch 



Stockley (1973) 

Wood in Australia: Types, Properties and Uses 

KR Bootle 

Nature of wood and wood properties for a wide range of Australian species. 




Bootle (2010)

Woodlots in the landscape 

Diane Lucas 

A small handbook introducing some useful concepts of practical landscape design for new planters. 

May be hard to source 



Lucas (1987) 


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