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Articles by Denis Hocking 

Monthly farming publication: “Denis Hocking’s articles are always worth reading.”


NZFFA Indigenous Special Interest Group 

Quarterly journal. Indigena has a number of good articles on natives, but they are fairly specific. 

NZFFA (members of Special Interest Groups pay a small annual subscription) 

Logger magazine 

Publication aimed at forestry contractors/crews. Good information on larger-scale harvesting machinery/equipment.

Nursery catalogues 

Most major NZ tree nurseries 

Nursery catalogues contain variable quality information. They are recommended with the proviso that it pays to check with an experienced grower about the suitability of a species for a given site. 


NZFFA Special Interest Group newsletters 

Each group produces occasional newsletters 

Species covered: blackwoods, cypresses, eucalypts and redwoods. Often include good quality research and development information. 

NZFFA (members of Special Interest Groups pay a small annual subscription) 

NZ Forest Owners’ Association Newsletters 

NZ Forest Owners Association 

Updates for NZFOA members on policy, lobbying and large-scale forest management aspects.

04 473 4769 

NZ Journal of Forestry 

NZ Institute of Forestry 

Quarterly journal of most interest to forestry consultants and larger-scale commercial growers.

Open Space 

QE II Trust covenanters’ magazine 

Articles and case studies from QE II covenanters. Good information on native regeneration/restoration, wildlife and recreation, and pest control.

04 472 6626 

TÄ?ne’s Tree Trust Newsletters 

From Newsletter 1 (2002) 

Background information, trial results, articles on individual trees.

07 858 4404 

The New Zealand Tree Grower 


The quarterly journal of the NZ Farm forestry Association. Articles cover all areas of interest to small scale foresters.

04 472 0432 

Tree Crops Association information booklets 


Various booklets on tree crops – designed for growers.


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