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Magazines and journals


  • Country-Wide
    Monthly farming publication. Includes articles by Denis Hocking
  • Indigena
    NZFFA Indigenous Special Interest Group. Quarterly journal. Indigena has a number of good articles on natives, but they are fairly specific.
  • Logger magazine
    Publication aimed at forestry contractors/crews. Good information on larger-scale harvesting machinery/equipment.
  • Forestry Bulletin
    NZ Forest Owners’ Association
  • NZ Journal of Forestry
    NZ Institute of Forestry
    Quarterly journal of most interest to forestry consultants and larger-scale commercial growers.
  • Open Space
    QE II Trust covenanters’ magazine
    Articles and case studies from QE II covenanters. Good information on native regeneration/restoration, wildlife and recreation, and pest control.
  • Tane’s Tree Trust publications
    Background information, trial results, articles on individual trees.
  • Tree Cropper magazine
    Tree Crops Association



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